MySwap Introduction

1. Product Introduction

1.1 What is MySwap?

MySwap is a DeFi platform based on OKExChain, which integrates DEX, NFT, Dao, etc. It aims to promote the free convertibility of high-quality digital currency on OKExChain, provide liquidity for the transactions on OKExChain, provide one-stop liquidity service for more high-quality assets, and provide users with a more secure, reliable, diversified and cost-effective transaction experience.

1.2 Product Features


The decentralized trading platform based on AMM developed in OKExChain allows the exchange of any two tokens on OKExChain. In addition, we can further gain value-added income through liquidity mining.

Fair Mining Incentive

Users can obtain mining incentives for trading, providing liquidity and participating in ecological applications on MySwap. MST has 100% liquidity mining, and there is no private placement at all. We have not added any meaningless sales to the issuance of MST, and everything is based on fairness.

One-stop DeFi platform

MySwap will build a one-stop defi hub on OKExChain, integrating DEX, NFT and Dao, enabling MST through a series of ecological applications.

Vault Incentive Pool

As a unique income incentive pool in the ecology of MySwap, all MST produced by mining can be deposited in the board of directors and locked for 3 months by default. If you choose to directly extract the mining income, a fine of 50% will be charged. The fine will be paid by the MST pledged in the board of directors for dividend reward according to the proportion of MST pledged in the board of directors every week. 5% of the total amount of MySwap mine pool will automatically enter the board mine pool. The pledged MST in the board will mine by block and be allocated according to the proportion of pledged MST in the board.

MST income obtained from mining and dividends when users pledge in the board of directors can be withdrawn at any time without any deduction and lockup period.

Vault Staking time


Distribution method


90 days

5% of the MST mine pool ( 2 MST output per block)

Staking Mining


90 days

Penalty for early withdrawal of income

Weekly dividend

Withdraw in advance


50% penalty


Low Handling Charge

A 0.2% commission will be charged for transactions on MySwap, which will be used in full for repurchase execution.

Low Tansaction Cost and Fast Transaction

In the face of Ethereum’s high gas costs and congestion and other unfriendly experiences, low gas costs and more efficient transactions are the main reasons why we choose OKExChain. OKExChain is committed to becoming the best public chain in the world and the best choice for MySwap.

Multi Link Interworking

We will start the development of cross chain bridge in the second stage, introduce more high-quality encryption assets into the OKExChain ecosystem, MySwap will support more cross chain transactions, and the expansion of IFO will also expand the value of MST fund-raising token.


MySwap is formed by a group of enthusiasts who love blockchain technology and the concept of decentralization. They are full of confidence in the future of defi and decentralization. The goal is to create a community based on blockchain technology and Dao organization as the carrier and an organization with the idea of creating community common value. It is hoped that the management right of Xiang will be handed back to the community and the decentralized operation will be realized.

1.3 Product Function

MySwap takes trading as its core function, and follows the principle of trading everything and creating value by trading itself. Around the core of transaction, many practical functions will be continuously launched for users. On the premise of ensuring the safety of the account and property, reduce the operation steps, increase the income dimension, and lengthen the income cycle, so that the DAPP can easily obtain multiple income.

We will make efforts in the following areas:

2. MST Token

2.1 Token Distribution

MySwap token (MST) initially issued a total of 1 billion, 100% of which were not private placement, no pre excavation, and distributed through liquidity mining.

In order to cover as many users as possible, 9 million MSTS will be airdropped to test network users, and our airdrop plan will be implemented in multiple phases.

In order to give back to the early angel investors who support the development of MySwap, 50 million MST will be given back to the early angel investors. This part will be released according to the block through smart contract in 12 months after the main network goes online.

94.1% of MST will be mined in the way of liquidity pledge in the main network. We set the 7 days after the main network goes online as the genesis mining period. In this week, the MST production of each block is twice that after the genesis mining period, that is, for the former 201600 block, 80 MST will be produced in each block, and after 201600 block, 40 MST will be produced in each block. From the end of Genesis mining, the output will be reduced by 10% every 30 days.

10% of MST from mining output will automatically go into Dao fund account for sustainable R & D and ecological development.

2.2 Pools Allocation

MySwap total ore pool will maintain 94.1% of the total MST initially set, and each block will release 40 MSTS (80 MSTS in Genesis mining period).

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